Heat resistant coating

Cost effective heat resistant coating with Thermasol Heat Reflective technology

Heat Resistant Coating for roofs, reflects infrared radiation

heat resistant coating
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heat resistant coating technology

Here at Home Seal Solutions we are proud to supply a unique protect that provides heat resistant coating that protection your roof from the harsh heat in the summer months.


thermaSOL® is an effective water-based insulation with thermal properties at a reduced cost. It Penetrates deep into building materials such as concrete, clay and cement, creating a heat resistant coating. It has been specially designed to reflect infrared radiation from the sun on roofs. In summer, it is able to reduce the temperature of roofs by up to 40%: with this treatment, there is no need for additional cooling and installation of additional cooling devices is not necessary.


thermaSOL® is a unique formulation of its kind. It is the the most advanced heat reflective treatment in the market and extremely effective. It has been developed with the latest technology, combined with special pigments, oxides and ceramic micro-particles, which give to the roof its exceptional properties.


Heat resistant coating for roofs

Our engineers have developed innovative reflective solutions for over 30 years. They have a unique experience in investigating high quality products for the treatment of surfaces and building materials. thermaSOL® will not only lower the temperature of your roof in summer, but also improve its look aesthetics.


  • Reflects up to 70% of solar radiation (TSR)
  • Reduces the temperature by up to 40%
  • Improves the indoor climate of housing
  • Save money by reducing energy consumption
  • Prolongs the life of the cover due to the lower expansion of roofing materials that occur during extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Provides added value to your home, giving a flawless aesthetic and protecting long-term roof
  • Environmentally friendly: significantly reduced CO2 emissions

* TSR is synonymous with total solar reflection. This is the percentage of solar energy reflected by a surface. 100% = total reflection. Therefore, 0% = no reflection, what equals to 100% absorption. An untreated black surface will have an TSR of about 3%. Therefore, this surface absorbs up to 97% of the thermal energy of the sun. thermaSOL® can reflect up to 70% of solar radiation. It minimizes surface erosion.

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